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Monday, June 20, 2011

Eye Study

photograph of mine

Eye Study

photograph of mine

Eye Study

photograph of mine

the blue square

my apologies for the terrible cropage.

oil on canvas
painting III


This is an abstract oil painting that I painting in my Painting III course.

Abstract (detail)

The Old.

This is part of the genocide/holocaust study..


Abstract piece that I painted in my Painting III course.

untitled (detail)

the hungry.

self explanatory

the dead.

genocide/holocaust project.

the look of sadness.

For my Drawing III class we did a study on genocide and/or holocaust, I chose to draw those who were in great sadness, the young, the old, the hungry and the weak.


This is a study that I created in my Painting II class to show the space in nature.

Landscape (detail)

"Carry On"

This is a copper plate etching print that I created in my printmaking course. The task was to take one of Goya's (famous printmaker) prints and combined it with a war, either vietnam, todays war, etc. I chose todays war and added in one of our American soldier taking away the child as he sees his dead mother being carried away.

Etching (detail)

Flower (detail)

up close and personal


This is a study I did for my painting II course.